Die Elfen englische Übersetzung (The Elven)

Hier findet ihr Aktuelle Nachrichten rund um das Community Portal von Fremden Welten und Bernhard Hennen.
Gast an Emerelles Hof
Gast an Emerelles Hof
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Die Elfen englische Übersetzung (The Elven)

Beitrag von Edgyed » Do 9. Jul 2015, 22:18

On 1 July 2015, the first English-language edition of Die Elfen appeared under the title The Elven, published by AmazonCrossing, released as part of the "Kindle First" series exclusively on Amazon.co.uk.

General release on 1 Aug 2015 worldwide for Kindle and in paperback. Paperback ISBN 978-1477827512

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Re: Die Elfen englische Übersetzung (The Elven)

Beitrag von Xijoria » Di 14. Jul 2015, 17:32

Welcome Edgyed :-)

That is new, that our forum is get in touch with English speaking people / fans. Maybe there will be more followers. I would welcome it. ^^

Yesterday I read those news too and I was very happy and proud for Mr Hennen. Finally he got this important step into the "International Fantasy World". :mrgreen: Hopefully it will be a successful one, following by the continuations. 8-)

I was really surprised, that they have chosen an other weapon for the cover. The first book is covered with an axe instead of a sword, like the German books. It could be Mandreds axe - he really prefer this kind of a weapon. :D Everybody who is interested in, here is a link to the translated book: The Elven. There you can read the first chapter as well!

Just to discuss... What do the others think about it? :-) And who could be the female Elf, which is shown on the back cover?
With the Tiara on her head it could may be Emerelle or is it just an female Elf?

Enjoy it - it is such an amazing and touching story.

Cheers, Xijoria
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Re: Die Elfen englische Übersetzung (The Elven)

Beitrag von Weltenwanderer » Fr 17. Jul 2015, 09:51

Welcome to forum! I belief, Edgyed understand german, when she(or he) translated the german book to english :) Thank for the job, this is great! I hope, this will be a great success, then we can hope to expand the community and you will translate the other books :D

I am sure, the female Elf is Noroelle, because the story of the book and the black hair.
Schaut einmal im Elfen-Wiki vorbei, wir freuen uns über jeden Besuch :)